How to Start Running? All Running Tips Will Help You Be Better

How To Start Running

One problem that many beginners who have never run face are that how to start running? Whatever you are out of shape or underweight, Trust me, I was the same as you. In the beginning, I am 32 years old, kept on running for one year, my body fat rate dropped from the initial 30% to 23%, what I gained is not only my body but also opened a new world of self-discipline!

The more I kept, the more self-discipline I have, and the more self-discipline I have, the better I am!

How do you keep on running? I collated running experience and some tips to share with you, which is also my journey from running a newbie to an expert.

Let’s get started!

Pick the Running Shoes for Beginners

Pick the Running Shoes for Beginners

Don’t wear canvas shoes, high heels, slippers (I’ve seen people running in these shoes on the fitness track)

  • Cushioning: Running is a sport with a significant impact on the body, especially our knee and ankle joints, so running shoes should first have an excellent cushioning function.

Besides, remind that you must be distinguished from running shoes, training shoes, casual shoes, the design and material of the three are very different, you must wear professional running shoes. The easiest way is to look at the store classification or consult the guide and customer service if online shopping.

  • Wrapping: I like to choose a one-piece tongue plus knitted mesh upper running shoes is my favorite, fit the feet, provide a good wrapping, and make the foot feels very comfortable.
Choose the Right Running Clothes

Choose the Right Running Clothes

To choose quick-drying, breathable material, girls must wear high-intensity sports underwear.

Girls who love to sweat are recommended to use hair bands,sweat all over the face and affect the mood of running.

Prepare an arm bag, place the cell phone, keys, etc. carried with you.

Prepare a cap, in addition to sun protection, which can also avoid the sun-tied eyes.

Get a Smart Sports Bracelet for Running

Get a Smart Sports Bracelet for Running

One of the benefits of a sports bracelet is that it can detect whether my heart rate has reached my fat-burning heart rate, whereby I can control how fast or slow I run. Running fast or slow, all can not achieve the best weight loss effect.

Step1:How to Start Running?

Before running, we more or less all encounter how to start running. The following will take you into the world of running.

1.Warm-up Before Running

Adequate warm-up before running can prevent injuries during exercise. This can be practiced by following the pre-run stretching course of the Keep app, paying attention to the movements to be in place.

2.Pick the Best Beginner Running app

Many people like to listen to music when they run because it is too dull to run alone. I found that the running course of the Keep app has an excellent audio guidance experience:

  • I will be given encouragement after each run and be reminded of my next move, plus there will be a metronome to help you find the right running pace.
  • Choose the course according to your ability range; there are applicable people and course suggestions inside the course introduction. I started to choose “45 minutes cardio fat-burning run”, you can choose a course according to your situation.

3.Proper Running Form

  • The upper body keeps straight, does not lean forward or backward, to avoid the shift of the body’s center of gravity, causing the burden of the back muscles and the impact on the ankle and knee joints.
  • After stepping out in RunningRunning, gently land on your heels, and then land on your feet quickly and thoroughly while bending your knees slightly to ease the impact of landing.
  • Try to relax your shoulders and neck, elbows bent to about 90 degrees, with the footsteps back and forth horizontal swing.

4.Running Build Muscle

The body parts that generate power when running are the back of the thighs, the hips, and the core. Suppose you can’t find the feeling of hip power. In that case, it is recommended to follow the course of “hip power perception” by KeepKeep.

5.Control Running Speed

Running too fast will result in the impact of the foot landing directly on the knee, which may lead to knee pain if there is no proper posture. My general running frequency is around 170-180 times/min.

6.How to Breath When Running

The speed of your breathing should follow the pace of your RunningRunning. The way you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth should be regular and consistent with your steps.

  1. Calculate The Heart Rate

Keeping your maximum heart rate between 60 and 80 percent is appropriate for running, which burns fatter.This is called the optimal fat burning heart rate range

Calculation reference: (for most of the person)

(220 – age) x 0.8 = maximum exercise heart rate

(220 – age) × 0.6 = minimum exercise heart rate

For example, I am 32 years old, and my optimal fat-burning heart rate range reference value is 113-151 beats per minute. It is only a reference value, and you need to go to a professional institution for specific testing.

8.Do Stretch After Running

Post-run stretching can relax tense muscles, promote blood circulation, reduce delayed soreness, and make muscle lines more proportional.

After you may have completed 1 (at least 3 km) run, let’s think about how to start running 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Start By Running

Step 2:Start By Running (1-2 times a week)

1.Rest is Important

Those people who are weak in sports can only stick to running every day for 3 days because the body cannot stand it. The pain of the previous day has not been relieved, and today they have to torment their own body, which is resistant from the heart.

So stick to running 2-4 times a week instead of running 7 days a week. It would be best if you gave your body time to rest.

2.Proper Psychological Hint

If I only run one times a week, the body after 6 days of recovery, psychological also feel this is not cruel to themselves, and I must rerun the next time;

3.Encouragement From Friends

 After running every time, I would share my running records with my friends to see my efforts more they encourage me, the more motivated I will be to run. Frankly, Part of my motivation came from my friends because they would say, “Wow, Dear, you are the most persistent person I have ever met.”

4.Choose the Right Running Time

I first started running in the morning on the weekend because the air is better in the morning, and I like to relax by running. I sometimes choose to end my busy week with a set of runs on Friday evening to give my body a drenching release. Indeed, it mainly depends on your preference.

5. Running Outside is Better

I prefer to run outside because it allows me to focus more on running.

Indoor running, in my opinion, has two disadvantages:

  • The indoor air circulation is not smooth, and the physical feeling is relatively not as comfortable as outside.
  • A small treadmill will be very dull; you will want to open the phone, TV while watching and running, easy to share distraction, unconsciously slowed down so that the exercise time and entertainment time overlap. The exercise effect is naturally significantly reduced.
Sticking to Running

Step3:Sticking to Running (2-3 times a week)

After two months of adhering to the weekly run, I began to try 2-3 runs per week. In the beginning, I scheduled all the runs to Saturday and Sunday; I realized that this is very unreasonable because the body does not get sufficient rest, the exercise effect is counterproductive, So, I decisively adjusted the plan. The following are tips to stick with it.

1.Running Frequency

At least one day off during Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Two rest days a week. Yoga or stretching on rest days can relieve muscle tension caused by running.

2.Adjust Running Schedule

Try as many kinds of attempts as possible to find 4.your favorite point of time. Morning running, night running, evening running have come, you will find extra fun!

3.Running In the Morning

Choosing to run in the morning, I will force myself to go to bed early, get up early, go to bed at 23:30, get up at 7, and maintain more than 7 hours of sleep.

Start running at 7:30 and kick off your day with a run!

Especially on weekdays, after finishing a run with self-discipline, it gives me great confidence to deal with the work challenges!

4.Running In the Evening is Another Option

Running at night, the sound of wind, breathing, footsteps, and the chirping of insects not far away, I felt I was alive, and every step I took was excellent.

Too many reckless things in life, it is rare to have this and their own inner time alone.

I will reflect on recent events and reflect on what I did wrong.

Special reminder: Night run to pay special attention to safety, do not go to anyone without lights and remote places to run. It is best to be accompanied by family and friends.

5.Encourage Yourself

Encourage yourself in a way that does not exist only mentally; that is all vain. Material encouragement will get you excited. I encourage myself to buy myself a set of fitness equipment for every month I stick to it! Then at the beginning of each month, I would think to myself: “I’ll keep going, and by the beginning of the next month, my body will be tighter than it is now, and I’ll look great in it!

6.Take Running As a Religion

The most significant change that RunningRunning has brought me is that it has allowed me to find a work-life balance and a healthy hobby. My work took up 90% of my life before; when I encountered frustration at work, I would magnify it infinitely and felt my life was so bad. When I kept running, my physical vitality was awakened, and my mental love for RunningRunning was chasing away the gloom in work. I’m delighted that I found the faith of running!

Run in Different Ways to Make Running More Fun

Step4: Run in Different Ways to Make Running More Fun

After sticking with 2-3 runs a week for a while, all you have to do is make yourself stick with it for a long time! 1 month, three months, six months, or even a year.

In the beginning, I would choose to run at an even pace, 5 km at a time. It was a very dull and long half-hour.

Later, after I found out that there are running courses on KeepKeep, I will choose the course according to my exercise ability.

For example, my weekly schedule looks like this.

  • 2 Times HIIT Outsite Sprint Runs

It is a combination of fast and slow sessions, such as two sets of fast running 800 + jogging 400, and then 1 set of fast running 600 + 1 set of jogging 300.

  • 1 Time -35 Minutes Fat Burning Run Outside

Inside arranged two sets of 14 minutes or even running, and the intensity is relatively low. Because of HIIT outdoor sprint run intensity, I choose 35 minutes outside fat burning run in the middle, easy jogging course, run very cool, because control in the fat burning heart rate range, so fat burning efficiency is also very high.

Different courses, different venues, different is the time, are the direction I try!

In my 8th month of running, I completed my first half-marathon too! I don’t deliberately pursue a faster pace or longer distance; go with the flow, follow my rhythm, keep running; I believe there will be more unexpected gains!

The Bottom Line

After reading the above story of how I started running, I think you should also know what to do. Running was the beginning of making me self-disciplined, and it is indeed a very effective cardio exercise for weight loss. Still, I now also pair it with strength training 2-3 times a week in addition to running so that I can prevent muscle and joint injuries from exercise. And at the same time, you can improve your physique and temperament and build a better body!

Henry James

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