How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days Fast?

How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days

No one can turn a blind eye to their own bloated figure, losing belly fat can be a battle. So, how to lose belly fat in 10 days?

To make it clear, having abdominal fat isn’t bad in the first place. It’s quite a normal thing to have. However, having excessive stomach fat comes with plenty of health risks. However, abdomen fat is one of the most challenging areas to get rid of. We all know it is pretty tricky to shed and to do so within 10 days might seem impossible. 

But it isn’t. 

Look, there’s a way around trimming the fat around your tummy and cinching a couple of inches off your waist and this article will show you how.

From effective workouts to fat burning diets, join me as we discuss everything you need to know by going over different weight loss solutions to lose your belly fat quickly in just 10 days. 

Keep on reading. 

What Causes Belly Fat

What Causes Belly Fat?

The first step to address your belly-busting problem is to find out the reason why you ended up having trouble with your waistline in the first place. Here are some of the main causes of excess belly fat:

  • Poor Food Choices – Having a poor diet is one of the leading causes of belly fat. Unhealthy food such as junk foods and fast foods are filled with sodium, and trans fats contribute a lot to the excess fat around your tummy. Even sugary treats such as cookies and carbonated and sugar-packed beverages like sodas or fruit juices are all equally bad for your health and waistline. 
  • Overconsumption of Alcohol – There are plenty of studies that indicate how excessive consumption of alcohol contributes to an increase in belly fat. A doctor from Rochester Mayo Clinic explained that the liver burns alcohol instead of fat, which contributes to having bigger waistlines.
  • Lack of Physical Activity – Living a sedentary lifestyle won’t do any good for your health, weight, or waistline. Lack of exercise also lowers down your energy levels and decreases your body’s ability to burn fat. 
  • Genetics and Body Composition – Genes may play a significant factor in your belly fat. While sources say that your belly fat has a lot to do more with your diet rather than genetics, scientists claim that our genes have a lot to do with influencing our behavior, obesity-related illnesses, and even where fat accumulates in our body. 
  • Lack of Sleep – Insufficient sleep is often the leading cause of obesity and weight gain. Studies have shown that it increases your hunger hormone levels called ghrelin and decreases the levels of the fullness hormone called leptin. 
Why is Belly Fat a Problem

Why is Belly Fat a Problem 

There’s more problem that comes with belly fat aside from the weight gain and clothes not fitting the way they should be. Having excessive accumulation of visceral fat around your stomach has been linked to several medical issues such as diabetes and heart disease. 

It’s not only overweight people who have this to worry about. Being a normal-weight individual with excess stomach fat doesn’t exempt you at all from having possible medical issues in the future. 

So how can you tell if your belly fat is currently putting you at significant health risk? The size of your waist tells it all. If you’re a female with a waist measurement of 35 inches and up or a male whose waist size is 40 inches and up, then you’re already at risk.

Don’t be discouraged though. With a couple of tweaks and changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can turn things around for the better. 

How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days Fast

How to Lose Belly Fat in 10 Days?

So how to reduce tummy fat in 10 days? Better yet, how to reduce belly fat in a week with such a short amount of time? Look, like any form of weight loss, it takes time. You can’t simply expect the best results in such a short time frame and shed all of your visceral fat all at once. However, you’ll be able to meet significant improvements with your body in a matter of time. 

Achieving fat loss around your belly in a mere 10 days might seem daunting. Still, with a healthy diet, the right meal plan, combined with ab focused workouts, you can cinch a couple of inches off from your waistline in no time. Here’s how to reduce stomach fat within 10 days:

Identify Your Body Type

Body fat tends to accumulate differently with all types of people. That’s why it is crucial to identify your body type to find a workout plan and diet that is well-suited and effective in helping you lose weight around your middle. 

The Zero Belly Diet creator also explains how a few tweaks in a person’s workout and diet can help them lose their abdominal fat within 2 weeks.

Also, a personal trainer from Sydney claims that identifying your body type, prioritizing your diet, as well as decreasing your stress levels are some of the critical things to do to shed belly fat within 10 days.

3 Body Types: 

  • Endomorph – Endomorphs have a naturally higher percentage of body fat. People with this body type tend to store fat easily, usually around the stomach, thighs, and backside. Getting rid of fat from these areas can be a challenge for endomorphs. That will make them benefit from low-carb diets and plenty of cardio. 
  • Ectomorph – Ectomorphs are naturally lean individuals. People with this body type are usually very tall and slim. But could often face the problem of having stubborn belly fat that is hard to get rid of. A high carb diet and plenty of resistance training are well-fit for them to get results. 
  • Mesomorph – Lastly, Mesomorphs are in the middle between the two body types. People with this body type are usually built with a muscular frame with far broader shoulders than their waist. They are more capable of storing body fat than ectomorphs, but it’s easier for them to lose it than endomorphs. A well-balanced diet with moderate or steady-state cardio works best for these types of individuals. 
What Exercise Burns Belly Fat

What Exercise Burns Belly Fat?

Once you have determined your body type, you can now find the right workout to burn your belly fat effectively. Here are the 3 types of exercises you can do: 

High-Intensity Workout (High-Intensity Interval Training) 

A HIIT workout consists of bursts of intense physical activity with short rest periods. It usually takes up to 20-30 minutes to accomplish. Doing a HIIT workout is one of the most effective ways to burn belly fat and shed all that extra weight successfully.  

Albeit challenging to execute as it requires a higher level of intensity than steady-state forms of cardio, it successfully elevates your heart rate, boosting your body’s ability to burn fat fast. 

High-Intensity Interval Training works best with endomorphs, followed by a consistent low-carb diet. 

Steady-State Cardio 

Steady-State Cardio is pretty popular, as it is also the most well-used form of cardio. Nearly anyone of any age or physical level can do this workout. This consists of low to moderate forms of exercises such as walking, hiking, and jogging that should go over 30 minutes or more. 

It’s also a great cardio exercise if you are starting your fitness journey. While it doesn’t burn as much fat compared to HIIT workouts, it would be equally as successful in trimming your waist down in no time.  

A steady-state cardio exercise coupled with a well-balanced diet works best for mesomorphs. 

Resistance Training

Also known as Strength training, is the use of resistance that triggers muscle contraction to help build your body’s endurance, improve your strength, and increase your body’s ability to burn fat. 

There are plenty of ways to train your muscles, anywhere from lifting weights to bodyweight exercises. It’s a decent way to improve your body’s physical performance and increase your metabolism that can be great at targeting belly fat or visceral fat. 

This type of exercise works best with ectomorph individuals with a high-carb diet. 

Does Walking Burn Belly Fat

Does Walking Burn Belly Fat?

The concept of walking as an exercise to shed your belly fat fast might be a bit mundane to believe, but walking does a great job in burning your fat and increasing your body’s metabolism simultaneously. 

Of course, the success depends heavily on your walking speed or how long you decide to walk at a certain distance. While the concept of targeted exercises is still up for debate.

doing any types of physical activity that are coupled with the right diet can already be effective in fat loss. 

What are the Foods that Burn Belly Fat

What are the Foods that Burn Belly Fat?

A healthy body is built in the kitchen. Getting a rich diet that is high in nutrition can make significant improvements to losing your belly fat. While there isn’t a particular food that completely burns belly fat, there are certain foods that help your body’s ability to digest and burn fat faster. Such as: 

  • High Fiber Foods – Eating fiber-rich foods can not only aid your digestion but also promote weight loss as well. Foods such as leafy green vegetables are found to be quite effective in reducing belly fat and water weight that may cause bloating. 
  • Whole Grains – foods that are whole grain and rich in fiber, such as oatmeal or brown rice, do a decent job keeping the body’s insulin levels low. This effectively helps eliminate the risk of diabetes and fat accumulation in the stomach. 
  • Lean Protein – Protein can be considered the most vital macronutrient for weight loss. Not only does it help increase the body’s ability to lose weight and burn fat, but it is also very effective in reducing abdominal fat.
  • Avocado – Sugar is often one of the leading culprits in fat storage around your abdomen, and avocados do a great job in stopping blood sugar spikes that lead to bad bloating. 
  • Yogurt – Aside from improving your gut health by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria, yogurt helps regulate the body’s insulin levels, which helps prevent fat accumulation in the belly.
  • Green Tea – There are plenty of studies to back up the fact that green tea has a way of diminishing harmful belly fat effectively. A study from 2014 claims that green tea can significantly boost your metabolism and help decrease abdominal fat.

It’s important to note that your daily calorie intake matters as well when it comes to your diet. Maintaining a healthy calorie deficit can help raise your chances of getting rid of your belly fat quickly. 

Get Adequate Amount of Sleep

Get Adequate Amount of Sleep

It’s essential to get the right number of hours of sleep if you want to lose weight effectively. A ruined sleep schedule and a bad case of hunger pangs that come with inadequate sleep is the last thing you’ll want when you’re trying to lose belly fat quickly within 10 days. 

Will Lemon Water Burn Belly Fat

Will Lemon Water Burn Belly Fat

While lemon water won’t exactly burn belly fat completely, it does a fantastic job in breaking down fat in your body. Lemon is filled with vitamins that help your body burn fat and promote a healthy digestive system. A glass or two of lemon water per day can do wonders for your health in general. 

The Bottom Line

It’s possible to lose belly fat within 10 days by having a proper diet combined with the right amount of exercise. Please take note that it’s best to stay realistic with your expectations on how much weight you’ll lose within that short period. However, with enough consistency and determination, you can meet your goal of a flat stomach in no time. 

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