What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed?

It goes without saying how vital drinking water is to our health. It helps us feel revitalized and hydrated to power through the day! But do you know the benefits of drinking lemon water before bed?

In fact, drinking lemon water is quite a popular practice nowadays. And if you’re looking for more reasons as to how and why that is, then this article will give you everything you need to know of what this citrusy concoction can do for you. Join me as we discuss the benefits of lemon water and how drinking lemon water before bed impacts your health. 

Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed Is it Health

Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed: Is it Healthy?

Many people are under the impression that drinking water before going to bed is not ideal. Mostly because of the potential sleep disturbances you’ll get from your bladder as you sleep. It can be problematic to deal with, especially in older people. As people age, their bladder becomes more overactive; therefore, drinking water before bed might not be such a great idea, right? 

Well, there is an alternatively positive side to drinking water before bed, one that can help you sleep more soundly and keep you hydrated throughout the night: Lemon Water. 

What is lemon water?

What is Lemon Water?

Lemon Water is pretty simple: it’s just a mixture of lemon juice and water. Though, as simple as it might seem, this drink is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidizing properties that can boost your body’s health and energy levels. 

It is a low-calorie drink that can be drunk hot, warm, or cold. Some people would prefer to add some lemon rind, honey, or other herbs to their drink if they so wish. It is recommended to use the whole lemon, including its peel, to get the maximum benefits from the fruit in your lemon water. 

So ,Is it good to drink lemon water before bed?

If you drink lemon water before bed, it will guarantee you better sleep, helps get rid of your body’s toxins,and especially keep your body hydrated overnight. Drinking lemon water before going to bed can give you many health benefits, which we will be discussing down below. 

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed

Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed 

1.Drinking Hot Lemon Water Before Bed Aids Weight Loss

Does water and lemon help lose weight? Drinking lemon water before bed for weight loss is usually recommended by nutritionists and dieticians alike. Here’s why.

Lemon contains pectin fiber. It can increase your metabolism and curb your appetite altogether. Besides, Lemons are rich in citric acid, vitamin C, and polyphenols, which effectively lower fat and reduce fatigue. [ 1 ]

It can be incredibly beneficial if you are trying to lose belly fat. Drinking a glass of lemon water before you go to bed can not only keep you hydrated throughout the night, but it makes your stomach feel fuller. I can stave off the potential midnight cravings so you can say goodbye to those midnight trips to the kitchen.

Suppose you’re used to drinking sugary drinks like soda and other sweetened juices contributing to weight gain, So, we can use no sugar drinks or less sugar drinks instead. In that case, lemon water is your next best substitute because lemons can help regulate your blood sugar levels.

It’s best to drink a cup in the morning and another hot lemon water before bed for weight loss. It is said that lemon juice can reduce 200 calories a day. The hot water can help break down fat deposits, which allow you to burn more calories effectively. You’ll be able to sleep better and wake up fully energized the next day. 

2.Lemon Water Aids Digestion 

The pectin fiber found in lemon can also aid digestion. It’s mostly built-up soluble fiber, which can relieve constipation and improve gut health. You will be able to digest food properly and prevent any toxin build up in your body. Drink hot lemon water at night also helps manage your pH levels. Regulating pH levels is necessary for your body’s digestive system to function correctly. 

3.Lemon Water Helps Improve Skin Health

Are you looking to make your skin glow? Lemon water is exceptionally rich in vitamin C, helping knock out the skin’s impurities through inducing detox. It helps regenerate skin cells and promote collagen production, thus helping eliminate wrinkles and acne and protect the skin from free-radical damage altogether.

4.Warm Lemon Water Can Improve Your Mood 

People all over the world, including celebrities and alternative health professionals, have been touting the benefits of drinking warm lemon water at night for centuries. While there isn’t a ton of scientific research to back up all of the claims about the benefits of lemon water, there are a few that have been proven. For instance, there’s evidence that citrus fruits can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and that antioxidants in the lemon can help prevent cancer.

Besides helping provide electrolytes to the body, drinking warm lemon water before bed can significantly improve your mood. Scientists indicated in the Natural Health Magazine have suggested that lemon’s potassium enhances brain health and nerve function. This overall reduces the stress levels and increases your feel-good hormones.  

5.Lemon Water Might Help Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones

The primary cause of kidney stones is dehydration. Not drinking enough water can cause kidney stones to form. Aside from lemon water’s useful hydrating properties, it also has a high concentration of citrate, which helps prevent the build-up of kidney stones from forming. 

6.Hot Lemon Water Can Prevent Cold or Cough 

The benefits of drinking hot water and lemon are many, and they are taken advantage of in different ways by people all over the world. The most obvious benefit is a boost in your immune system, which will help you ward off colds and the flu because of rich Vitamin C. Especially during chilly evenings,It will keep you feeling warm, and your throat moisturized throughout the night. [ 2 ]

 A glass of hot lemon water can provide you a good night s sleep without the shivers or the potential cold and dry cough in the morning after.

When your immune system is strong, you don t have to worry about catching anything; a simple cold can become just another part of life.

7.It May Help Natural Detoxification in the body

Lemon contains natural antioxidizing properties that can help get rid of the toxins in your body. This is due to its high concentration of vitamin C and flavonoids, which carry powerful antioxidizing effects. These combined compounds also have anti-inflammatory properties that decrease your body’s risk of developing severe health conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

8.Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed Helps You Sleep Better

Most people struggle to get a good night’s sleep by turning to drink milk as their best bet. However, there is no actual evidence that the compounds of milk or any dairy drink can make you sleep. It is the warm liquid that fills your stomach that gives you the feeling of drowsiness. 

So what better alternative than drinking a glass of warm or hot lemon water to help you sleep better in the most healthy way? Besides, consuming too much dairy has the potential to upset your digestive system. On the other hand, Lemon water, aside from being low in calories, helps you digest better, detoxifies your body, and helps you wake up in a better mood. 

9.Drinking Lemon Water Help Strengthen Your Immune System

Lemons are very rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids, limonoids, and coumarins; This natural antioxidant helps strengthen the body’s immune system due to its anti-cancer properties. Adding lemon water to your daily diet or drinking a glass of it at night before you go to bed helps boost your body to combat diseases. 【3

What Happens When You Drink Lemon Water for 7 Days

10.Drinking Lemon Juice Help Lower Systolic Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that lemon juice is rich in phenolic compounds and vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, essential oils, and carotenoids. Drinking lemon water in the morning or night plus walking has a significant effect on lowering systolic blood pressure【4

What Happens When You Drink Lemon Water for 7 Days?

There are plenty of “Lemon water life-changing stories” online. And many people who followed through a lemon water diet can attest that it improved their body’s overall health and skin complexion. So what happens if you drink lemon water for a week straight? 

Studies have found that drinking lemon water for a week did make significant improvements to their body’s health. They found that their skin got brighter, and break-outs or any skin impurities were practically non-existent. In addition, the lemon’s citric acid aided in breaking down the bacteria in the mouth. 

Some even found themselves to feel less bloated and generally wake up in a better mood. The mood and energy-boosting properties of lemon water became an undeniable fact. What more if you continue to add it as a permanent part of your diet? 

Lemon Water Side Effects

What are the side effects of drinking lemon water? As much as drinking it can improve your health, there are still some adverse side effects instead of the good ones. Such as developing teeth enamel or nausea, which can all be caused by over-consumption of lemon juice. However, these side effects can be entirely avoidable by drinking the right amount of lemon water in a day. 

How Much Lemon Juice is in a Lemon

How Much Lemon Juice is in a Lemon?

The amount of juice a piece of lemon has depends entirely on its size. However, a regular-sized lemon that weighs around 3.5 ounces can accumulate up to two tablespoons of lemon juice. 

How to Make Lemon Water

How Much Lemon Water Should I Drink?

How much lemon water should you drink a day? If you’re trying to lose weight, drink a cup of lemon water in the morning and a glass of warm lemon water at night. You can also add a little honey, which will make it taste even better.

But we can’t forget the side effects of lemon, ADA warns citric acid can erode tooth enamel and damage your teeth, if you have mouth sores, the ADA suggests that you shouldn’t drink any lemon water.

How to Make Lemon Water?

Lemon water is both comfortable and inexpensive to make. Here’s how: 

  • Wash your lemon fruit with warm water before cutting it in half. 
  • Squeeze the lemon juice into a glass or through a fruit juicer. Be sure to include the pulp. 
  • Add warm or hot water into the mixture. A good 8 ounces of water should do. 
  • Slice the lemon rind or peel into thinner pieces and add them to your glass. Mix it well. 
  • You can add honey or other herbs, depending on your preference.

How to Make Cold Lemon Water?

Cold lemon water is pretty simple as well, and it follows the same principle of making hot or warm lemon water. However, this time, you might need more lemons and a giant pitcher to store your drink. You can add 2-3 lemons to a liter of water and include ice into the mix. 

Cold Lemon Water Benefits

Cold Lemon Water Benefits

If you want to keep your body healthy, you need to drink water to keep your body hydrated. But did you know that there are times when you should drink more water than others? Not only will drinking a glass of water help you to stay healthy, but it will also make your skin look a lot healthier.  Simply put, drinking a glass of cold lemon water on a hot day will keep you looking and feeling great!

As you may know, the number of benefits hot lemon water can give you is the same as cold lemon water. Both have rich amounts of vitamin C and detoxifying properties. Also, it can help you feel more hydrated and fresh during physical activities like weighted crunches.

Lemon Tea Benefits

Lemon Tea Benefits

So we covered everything there is to know about lemon water; what about lemon tea? What are its benefits? 

For one thing, lemon tea has the added benefit for more effective weight loss results. Tea already contains metabolic boosters and helps with digestion, so lemon-laced tea can significantly improve its weight loss benefits. You can also exchange your daily cup of coffee for a piping hot cup of lemon tea instead. It’s a healthier option that can provide you the right energy levels to carry on your day without the head-splitting headaches or heart palpitations that coffee usually gives you. 

Can Lime Be Used as a Substitute? 

Lime is the best substitute for lemons. It has the same pH level as lemons, and it gives you the same plus points to your health. While lemon contains more vitamin C levels than lime, drinking lime water benefits the body all the same with its nearly similar amount of vitamin and nutrient levels. 

When Is the Right Time to Drink Lemon Water

When Is the Right Time to Drink Lemon Water?

Drinking a glass of lemon water is often recommended in the morning. Pinpointing the exact time to drink to reap maximum benefits is debatable. However, drinking a cup in the morning and a cup at night before bed significantly increases your chances of a healthier body. 

The Bottom Line

Final verdict, is lemon water good for you? 

Of course, it is. 

More so than what any other type of citrus juice can give you. It is the perfect beverage to add to your daily diet to help you lose weight, combat diseases, and maintain a healthy body. It’s easy and very inexpensive to make too. Only drinking a glass of lemon water before bed as a new routine can switch things up for your well-being. 

Taking action to develop a healthy lifestyle, including getting the right diet, exercise, and providing the right nutrients, can significantly help you live a happy and stress-free life. 

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