How to Use Colombian Fajas to Lose Weight and Get a Flatter Tummy

How to Use Colombian Fajas to Lose Weight and Get a Flatter Tummy

Weight loss is a goal for many people, but it’s not always easy to achieve. There are many different diet plans and exercise regimens that you can try in order to shed some pounds. However, Colombian fajas may be the most effective way of one! It is a garment worn by women in Colombia. This article will discuss how Colombian fajas to lose weight and how they work on your body more than ever before!

What are Colombian Fajas

A Colombian Faja is a traditional waist cincher or loses weight belt that Colombian women wear to make their waist look thinner and appear more attractive.

Women first wore the Colombian Faja in the early 16th century. Brides were initially wearing Colombian girdles to tighten up their midsection before the big wedding day. Still, fajas Colombianas are now worn by many women to reduce the appearance of their waistlines even when they’re not getting married.

 How to use them for weight loss?

How to use Colombian fajas to lose weight? First, Don’t eat a couple of hours before wearing shapewear fajas. And don’t wear Colombian girdles for more than six hours per day.

When you first start to use fajas Colombianas, it’s best only to wear them for four or five hours the first few days and then increase as your body gets used to this extra pressure around your waist area which will help you lose weight faster if worn overnight while sleeping. Here are 3 tips you need to care about.

1.Apply Colombian fajas to lose weight

You can put a Colombian faja on your stomach, waist or hips. It depends on which parts you want to reduce the fat and get a slimmer body shape. We suggest applying Colombian faja for 30 minutes before going to bed then waking up in the morning take it off,it will be more effective if rest 15-30 min after using Colombian girdle.

2.Apply Colombian fajas before exercise

When you apply Colombian faja before going out for jogging, cycling or any other sports activities,you will get more benefit and it can help to lose weight. However, you should not wear Colombian faja during sports time. After finishing your sports activity, it is better to take off the Colombian faja immediately.

Don’t forget to drink enough water when using Colombian fajas! It’s recommended that you drink at least two-liter of water every day if you want to use Colombian on a long-term basis (more than six months) because too much sweating may cause dehydration.

You need to keep a standard pH value in the body by drinking water while wearing Colombians because Colombian will stimulate your sweat glands to release more sweat. Thanks for Colombian fajas, Seeing your new desirable figure and how well you look paired with your new clothing will give you an extra boost of confidence.

3.Apply  Colombian fajas at night

It’s better Colombian on the waist and stomach when you sleep because Colombian can stimulate your metabolism rate and Colombian can make your skin better.

of course! You need to drink more water when you use Colombians fajas for a long time, so you must choose the correct size of Colombian faja .when picking Colombian, you should know your waist measurement. if you want to shape your figure quickly, we suggest do not buy too large or small Colombian because that will reduce the effect on weight loss.

Doing sport with Faja Colombiana can help lose weight faster than just doing exercise alone since they are designed to sweat out toxins from fat stores as well as firm up muscles without causing strain.

Do you know how to pick the right Colombiana fajas? To help you save time, we spent a couple of hours checking the reviews, materials, and models on the market, we found the best Colombiana fajas of 2022 as follows.

Why You Should Try Colombian Fajas Instead of other Methods?

  • Colombian fajas is very effective. It supports the back and reduces stress on your spine, shoulders, hips and knees as you sit or stand for long periods during work. In addition, Colombian faja helps with posture correction to prevent future injuries due to poor positioning when seated at a desk all day!
  • Colombian Faja can be worn all day! Body shaper is designed for comfort, and you won’t even realize it’s there once your body gets used to having Colombian shapewear on your body.
  • Colombian Fajas tighten the muscles and Columbian fajas also helps to reduce cellulite, giving you a smoother, cleaner-looking tummy! Shapewear faja is made from latex-free material that will not irritate your skin or give you an allergic reaction but still provide optimal support for many hours of use!
  • Faja Colombiana helps you achieve the body contour results you want without painful surgery or long recovery times. It can help tone, tighten and smooth out areas such as legs, stomach, arms…etc.

How Long Does it Take for a Colombian Faja to Shape Your Body

The Colombian fajas to lose Weight usually takes from two weeks up to a month. After that, it depends on the person’s body and how fast it responds to the Colombian faja.

People with more fat will reduce their shape faster than those with no fat because Colombian faja dieting is based mainly on lipo-sculpture. Therefore, it would be best to have a lot of water inside your body before putting the Colombian faja to better this process.

So people that start this kind of program don’t see results as soon as they want. Still, anyway, after putting one or two weeks into it, they do seem becoming more confident.

Advantages of using Colombian Fajas to Lose Weight

  • It is comfortable so can wear them during the day, Put them on top of your shirt or pants. Wear them while working out, going shopping, etc.
  • Increased thermal activity and blood flow: Fajas increase thermal activity which results in a positive effect on your blood flow and plays an important role in getting rid of toxins.
  • It can also help you maintain your new, smaller waistline and take away excess water from fat cells in your stomach area through osmosis. This results in a more toned tummy appearance as well as accelerated postnatal recovery. In fact, some women have reported losing between five to ten pounds after wearing it for three months.
  • It can be worn under clothes at work or around friends without anyone noticing. Of course, knowing which body shaper suits your body type best and also your target zone is crucial. 

Disadvantages of using Colombian fajas to Lose Weight

  • Colombian girdle does not tighten skin during pregnancy and can cause sagging
  • Fajas Colombianas are less effective when you eat fatty foods in excess or don’t stick to an exercise plan.
  • Colombian fajas are only effective for short-term weight loss and must be used in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating habits to achieve long-lasting results.
  • Since Colombian fajas are a slimming garment, it’s very rare that you’ll experience any side effects when using this method of losing weight. But the most common problems include rashes caused by too much sweating which could lead to infections if left untreated or ingrown hairs from tight garments rubbing against your skin all day long. As always, consult your doctor before beginning any weight loss program such as Colombian Fajas which might impact your health adversely.  

The Bottom Line

The Colombian shapewear for women to lose weight is not a miracle product, you need to have discipline and follow some rules.

First of all, the faja Colombiana cannot substitute healthy food choices, nor should it replace daily exercise or be worn for long periods (overnight). However, you can wear the Colombian garment during your workouts to help tighten up your stomach muscles, burning more calories.

Wearing them while exercising is an excellent way to get rid of love handles too! They also reduce water retention, making you look slimmer instantly by reducing bloating around the waist area. We recommend using Colombian Fajas combined with GYM workout routines and a balanced diet plan for best results.

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